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ISLA Instruments

Moar screens... ... See MoreSee Less

Moar screens...

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Seriously? this... is... beyond... wicked cool! I mean it. So looking forward to this.

Hey will we get a confirmation that you got our address for the backer shipments?

this is making me all tingly and smileys appear on my face!!! cant wait to get mine ... backer # 106 : )

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ISLA Instruments

Grabbing some screens for the user manual, thought you might like to see some up close.. ... See MoreSee Less

Grabbing some screens for the user manual, thought you might like to see some up close..

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When can I get one?

The Kordbot is awesome !

When would be the easiest time to order as in will we be able to order after the queue is resolved

Hope it will be available outside USA sometime soon :).

Any sequencer screenshots? Or is that coming with later update?

If I said it look pretty.. I would be lying 😀 but we can think about that at another point!! Still can't wait!

Whoa 😲

The Screen looks wicked, tell him good job!!

First producton run is for us the kickstarter backers?


I already ordered, as I got the information that only 200 units left?!

Is Kordbot capable of recording the midi chords in Ableton live 9. I'm interested in buying one.

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2 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Currently testing the 73rd version of the firmware, which is pretty much release candidate now.. ... See MoreSee Less

Currently testing the 73rd version of the firmware, which is pretty much release candidate now..

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Hahaha that sounds like my music projects.. I'm on version 156 of this and I'm pretty much finished, next minute I'm on "160 final final pre master mix"

2 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Shipping supplies.mm how utterly utterly exciting! ... See MoreSee Less

Shipping supplies.mm how utterly utterly exciting!

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To buck the trend of all those box-opening videos that people seem to feel the need to post on YouTube, you could do a load of box-closing vids? *Or you could not do that as it'd be stupid.

I'll do a couple of live things as we progress!

Now yer talkin' Keep it simple. Nobody needs crazy packaging. Double up on my bubble wrap though. hehe


packing peanuts haven't arrived yet... Or our super special packing tape..

Can this be true?

Important Info

x mas is early this year!

these will ship with UPS to Germany? cos then I change my address to a pick up station 🙂

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3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

#TBT "Linearity of oscillator 1 is off, Dad" ~ Isla Holland... ... See MoreSee Less

#TBT Linearity of oscillator 1 is off, Dad ~ Isla Holland...

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Couldn't resist a Pink Floyd salute too...

When Isla is done with yours, she's welcome to recalibrate mine, lol!

"Please, daddy. tune your filters!"

I had a JP6... don't know why I ever elfin sold it!

They learn thirteenth chords so young

3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Plastics and Keypads arrived...
"We're gonna need a bigger boat"
... See MoreSee Less

Plastics and Keypads arrived...
Were gonna need a bigger boat

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hurry up, git er done, before hurricane season hits!


You got plenty of space in that house of yours 😉 build isla a fort

One Word... GREAT!

I can feel it getting closer... Niiice!!! 😀😀😀

I'm about to move out of state. Will there be a chance to confirm our shipping info before everything is sent out?

Oh yeah baby. Good luck bruv

Proper garage business

Wow!! How many have you sold? 60 ca-trillion million?

Will micro tuning be possible? Custom scales etc. 🙂 www.merkabamusic.com/media/blog/microtuning-a-reasonably-simple-guide/

Wow... time for that warehouse! .... no, no... I said WAREHOUSE.

Best Kickstarter project I've ever been a part of. I've never felt lacking for updates about progress, the stretch goals are actually being implemented and the whole thing is just top notch. Great job guys!!! You are about to spawn a whole generation of 2-finger virtuosos 🎹 +✌🏼= 🎼

weeh wooh hoooow ....

It will make a fantastic controller for the awesome new Beat Maker 3 on iPad.....

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4 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

How do you all like or prefer to sync your gear? MBC (MIDI Beat Clock), MTC (MIDI Time Code) or SPP (Song Position Pointer). asking for a friend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gate 😉


MBC is fine

Midi or din sync


Mostly MBC and din sync

Brad, I'm not sure which is which, even after doing this midi sh*te for over 30 years. So I'll explain and you tell me what I prefer. To me, it's all MIDI time code, but it matters to some hardware. I use Ableton Live (or other host, or even a MIDI drum machine e.g. TR-505) as the conductor/MIDI master clock for all other devices (hardware and software). It works... mostly. It does *not* work properly with most modern Dave Smith synths. I sold my Prophet 12 for this reason; I have friends who dumped their Prophet 08's for the same reason. When you send these synths external midi clock and play chords manually (as you would in a live situation), the arp in those synths *does* follow the midi clock tempo; but they *do not* begin on the downbeat unless you have the perfect timing of a god. So what would that be, MIDI Song Pointer, or MBC? Also, what does Ableton Live send out natively, MBC? I do know that MTC has better resolution than MBC. Does this help or make more questions? If you can answer the DSI arp issue, tell me here (is it Song pointer or MBC?).

Robert Dorschel thanks for the great reply, which is really what we're after. So it works like this: MBC midi beatclock is akin to a a square wave output in the sense that it doesn't really do anything except send out a time signal. The signal inherently contains tempo and a few commands. START, STOP, CONTINUE. So, using this method to sync while keeping the tempo the same, has no real way of keeping in phase with your music, unless you have a fast hand and can also mentally account for any delay possibly incurred by the midi device you are playing and anything else in the chain. MTC (midi timecode) is more like SMPTE and is sent over sysex, it works on absolute time and frames SPP (song position pointer) is similar to MTC but instead is sending bars, beats, notes, down to clock ticks, Both MTC and SPP 'should' solve issues with for instance, arps not starting in the right places etc, but then we have to figure out, do we want kordbot to hold off starting the arp until the next bars downbeat occurs, or do we want to play it as soon as the player hits the key.. So far, we have only implementd midi beat clock, but Bill L. Behrendt is today working on implementing both MTC and SPP as we're going to need this anyway for the sequencer..

Look at how Spectrasonics Stylus RMX (and Omnisphere by extension) handles these timing questions: with a user setting. support.spectrasonics.net/manual/StylusRMX/part_modes/trigger_modes/page01.html

I guess it's a combo of beat clock, gate and Link.


Midi clock..name one item that receives midi time code (a continuous data stream)...there ain't many out there...probably broadcast equipment. Abletons jam sync facility is cool for the modular guys...Ableton can be a slave..Logic has to be the master...can't be a slave anymore. I'm running an Expert Sleepers USAMO for clocks ...it does SSP...clocks, notes and sysex ...all sample accurate...amazing now i run it on a balanced line. we have a 16 outs Expert Sleepers Silent way rig too at the main studio ...each header can be split to do din sync as well...I'm also running a Unitor 8 mk2..primarily for 8 midi in's and an iConnectivity for iPad in's. I'm clocking an RS7000 from the USAMO and then using the grid sequencer on there to play the alchemy synths in Logic....it's super tight.


interesting that a lot of you say MBC, which begs the question, even though you are at the right tempo, how do you ensure that whatever you a syncing up actually plays 'in phase' with your music?

All 3 haha

MTC and SPP are rarly used, but if you implement them some people will be happy

I'm that one guy who says: MTC! www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1207101126067351

midi clock, but ableton link could be great too

I second the mtc even logic has ah option to sync with that.

Mbc o spp should work for me

I like being able to choose whether a pattern change command A) waits until the next bar, or B) switches instantly but remains at the same bar position. I like being able to choose this live, at that moment, with a shift button. it would also be great if I could configure by settings whether the shift option does the A or the B action.



MBC is the minimum. others are nice.

Both MBC and MTC they are essential, also triggering a sequence with a note to be able to manually resync in live conditions that require MBC

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4 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Kordbot building live..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Just ordered a black one. Hope you guys are committed to see this project to its full potential (y).

the walter white of MIDI

This is the same reason hacking is never portrayed realistically in media. It would just be watching a guy sit on a computer for 14 hours

pretty unique too thinking years down the line with all the music we make with them we can think back to when we saw them being built, so cool!

I have to say I!m a bit disappointed there is no machine that goes "ping"...

Get some noise cancelling head phones!!

Sign of the Twine mate.

Brad I'll come over and help!

With Pink FLoyd.... good idea.....

Amazing setup!

Pretty gripping stuff

Oh those are nice


Couldn't think of a better piece of music. Love it. Cheers guys. Can't wait - don't think I've ever been quite so excited for a single project I've backed like I have for this.

This it's what kickstarters should be, a dedicated entrepreneur getting his hands dirty to produce and deliver on their promises!

I feel even better that knowing the essence of Pink Floyd has been vibrationally-infused into the character and components of the Kordbot.

my fav part with pink floyd, when the load machine starts noise

This stuff is almost too intense to watch, there should of been a disclaimer

really ? a stream? dudeeee ...thsi is epic! you are so transparent in your process ... best kickstart eva ... <3 luv ya! great job!!!

Thx for the update. Looking forward to receive my Bot 🙂

Pink Floyd is the best to work

Love it!!!

I think mine is ready for the oven Brad!

my order wasnt with this name btw

xD wat it say

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4 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

For scale... ... See MoreSee Less

For scale...

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are you sticking with it being strictly a midi instrument or will you be making this a stand alone instrument? i don't have a computer so it would be cool

A rack mount kit would be nice....

Ordering one in the next couple days. Excited to play with it

One Kordbot to rule them all.™

Ordered mine a while back, when these sexy suckers crashing into our studios?!!


For sale?

Kordbot is like 'you are my bitches'

Someone in the UK import a stack of these

no banana for scale? (amateur!) : D .... <3 ... just kidding

How does it compare in size to a .50 Desert Eagle?

Kordbot ... is like nearly waiting 2 years for mine ... 🙄😉

are the dimensions on the indiegogo page still accurate (Width: 14” / Depth: 4.5” / Height: 2.5”) or are they for the earlier model with less pads/knobs? just planning out my desk space for when the kordbot arrives

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