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3 hours ago

ISLA Instruments

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Reminds me of my little one, Cyan!

2 days ago

ISLA Instruments

When Nintendo music dept. employees go rogue.. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is the greatest thing in the world. Right now.

Made on the S2400

2 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Jus kidding..Bonus points for guessing the beat. ... See MoreSee Less

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Carly Simon - Why? no S at simon sorry haha, and repeats on the claps not the kick so no


Juicy Fruit? Apologies too late


if u don't know now u know



The only thing that would send me off would be if it's no longer a hardware device but now a "killer iOS drum and rhythm sampler"

It was all a dream, I used to watch ISLA instruments streams!

Literally just scored a Big Knob earlier today!

MTume Juicy Fruit drum pattern nice

Juicy Fruit! 🤩

Mtume Juicy Fruit

Thought it was Carly Simons Why....But no

Wishing it was this

Also sounds like 9mm by krs

Sampled on Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz

Juicey fruit

Juicy Fruit

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3 days ago

ISLA Instruments

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The original(seriously) for pilot. I know which I prefer.

LOL, where's zippy?


3 days ago

ISLA Instruments

White privilege means I can do any of the following, they couldn't.I understand that I will never understand.However, I stand with you..#policyandchange#BlackLivesMatter#SayTheirNames#NoMoreSilence#istandwithyou#protest ... See MoreSee Less

White privilege means I can do any of the following, they couldnt.
I understand that I will never understand.
However, I stand with you..


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Can I get a shout-out for Reginald Denny?

Thank you. I am so sick of the silence from other musical instrument manufacturers. They are so scared of taking a stand against anything.

I’m glad my money is going to a company that cares. Big ups!

Thank you for being such a kick ass company--feel free to autograph my s2400 with a big #BLM on it

Thank you for supporting BLM!


You’re a good man brad


Thanks Isla.💯

All lives matter. Fuck racist police, antifa idiots and ppl who use this situation to steal from shops and destroy their own cities.

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5 days ago

ISLA Instruments

I should just get rid of all this now and have wall to wall S2400.. ... See MoreSee Less

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unpopular opinion: Probably my favourite piece of gear out of the whole lot is the Korg DW-8000 probably the cheapest there too.

Alesis Ion! I was on that project! I started at Alesis right around the time it shipped.

Please don’t kill me about this question, but will you be able to sequence external gear from the 2400. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t just wanted to know if it was possible

Give you a tenner for the polysix

I will selflessly take that SH & mpc60 for you although I really don't want to. 😂😂

What made you hold on to the MV-8800?

Dibs on the Juno 60, MPC3000 and I know there’s also an original SP1200 somewhere..

I rate them too, though I have the racks. Was given a broken ex8000, repaired it, loved it so much, nice and dark, I bought a broken ex8000 as soon as I saw it. Fixed it during the week, now both are warming up for calibration. Plan to grab the retroaktive controller to run them together.

Hey there , cutie ! 🤣🤣🤣

Haha like you have time to use any of it 🙂

Neon, keep it all

Or add to it 🙂

But you gotta have stuff sitting around to MIDI sequence with the S2400. 8 midi tracks = 8 synths grinding out a giant super saw riff.

BTW, is that a V-Synth propped up on the side there? I deeply regret selling mine.

I have a DX SP 2002 mini. Who said small things don't make big noises!

No ASR 10??

Sweet Gearsus!

I feel like you never grew up and it's great. A man in his toy room.

The MPC3000 x

Yamaha Rm1x! My first love 😍

I agree. Just say the word and I'll come through with my truck to help you get it all out of there.

You managed to get your hands on a SP2400. Nice.

Yeah right

dont b silly

Where the MT40?

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1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

So exciting!! ... See MoreSee Less

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lets meet again on saturday. ✌️🚀

nice teaser 🙂

Bob and Doug post launch abort Zoom meeting

1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Ok last view of feet. ... See MoreSee Less

Ok last view of feet.

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I both - care and don't. Just ship it, I am overhyped. 😀

1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Feet, from a better angle... ... See MoreSee Less

Feet, from a better angle...

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Tarantino approves!

Looks good, but is that silver a paint layer that can be scratched off? I'm asking because I've seen a similar silver plastic on behringer products that scratches off easily, and if so, maybe a material without any layering (maybe like the black one) would be better as the feet are usually more likely to be exposed to scratches.

Always my preferred angle..

My anxiety right now is at 96%. Looking freaking forward!

Those look great.

... thermal ventilation ? overheat ???

No corners cut!!

Where are the hands?

I wish my SP had feet

BAH! They're not webbed!

Chris Carrier



Actually upside-down logo is cool, no? Lucky users get this "0042 ∀Ë¥SI" logo.

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1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Feet and Knobs.. ... See MoreSee Less

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The big knob looks better not the skirted. Both black or silver feet looks good.

First off Sweet attention to detail & looks great either way! 🙂 Now In an ideal world Black feet would win my vote + they have no textured bottom to pick up dirt. The Big knob looks good ! only thought just as Kevin is will there be enough clearance for your fingers so your not hitting the master output knob, but im guessing even if its tight, I can just be careful. PS: Im assuming there is No slightly taller fat knob option between 16-22 mill correct?

I’m thinking the larger knob looks slightly better, but think that the added height would be more useful on the skirted knob. Prefer the black over silver but it’s on the bottom of the machine. Btw happy with all the inside information you post. The effort on this machine is amazing overall. Can’t wait to see what happens as they get into the wild and in the capable hands of those crafting music!

The Big knob looks great! so many great choices made! Love the all black dual knobs too, and both feet options look great.

I think the rubber feet like those under mpcs are pretty good and cheap.. easy to find as well

Big knob for me (not literally)

I like the bigger knob for the top. Any option to have knurlings on this big knob to match the two smaller knobs. That would look cool 👌

Black feet for sure! Big knob for the encoder all the way.

I vote big unskirted for rotary. Looks AMAZING! 😍😍😍

I prefer the Big, unskirted knob. I have preordered.

She looks nice with the silver feet

What a bunch of nobs

Knurled bigknob no skirt. Either feet.

Ok, nice

Sexier than you think brad can’t ghfgfg wait brother ISLA Instruments 💯💯👀👀😍😍

I vote for non-skirted knob for encoder.

The big Knobs look better on the top

yeah Big knob!!

My vote big knob & silver feet

Yeah !!!

Love the big knob vs skirted (don’t care for the skirted one.) Also really prefer the black feet. Happy to have the feet disappear, as opposed to standing out. At the moment I’m using SCI aluminum knurled knobs (all the same size) and they work and look killer!

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