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ISLA Instruments

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so basically people who paid full price months ago will receive their unit at the same time as people who order now with a 20% discount o____o

So great. Thank you. Placing order now...

I’d love it if you credited my order since I just bought one yesterday!

Perfect timing! Just ordered! Now how can I join the preorder list for the SP2400?

Shoot, I ordered on March 28th...haven't received mine yet, and still am not eligible for the discount? Great!.

I’ll miss this sale unfortunately, hopefully there’s another one in 2.5 months

I've been thinking of buying one lately. Well, here we go, then. Pack it nicely, it'll be a long journey (Poland) 😉

Purchased.Eagerly anticipating the SP2400

What about people waiting for their kordbot ?

If only I’d waited a few more days 😞

Arffffffffff I have itchy eyes! Can I cancel my order and recommend one? Mouhahahaha


finally got me! Damn consumer in me can't resist a sale

ISLA Instruments when will order 8859 be shipping?

Practicing her NAMM patter ... See MoreSee Less

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ISLA Instruments

Getting to work on file browsing... ... See MoreSee Less

Getting to work on file browsing...

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I'll be honest. I'd like to see the unit focus on sampling rather than there being huge banks of drum hits to choose from. That's a workflow killer. Reduce the subjective decision making and your customers will thank you. Then again, we'll probably agonise about which vinyl drum hits to sample. 😆

Ever considered a standard/hi rez mode? I would LOVE to work w this, even without that special SP sound.

I have seen another medium make use of a "tagging" system. It has to be some kind of metadata, but you can keep separate libraries to scroll through (different kicks, snares, horns, etc.). Not exactly sure how it can be applied, but (at least for me) it definitely makes this process much easier. 🙂

sooo excited for this 😭

You can sample from an external source right? Sorry for the noob question.

You already know this boutta be my main machine.


Any price announced yet? Sorry if the question has been asked to many times already! Good luck!

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ISLA Instruments

SP2400 Rough demo....Please share around! 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Great video and great demo, I'm impressed with sound and look. Please just make function to turn off the lights under the pads. Some of us like no light samplers 🙂 thank you and good luck in forward work !!!

Each pitch increment in a sp1200 is a semi tone up or down please include this!

thank u

SD card in the front is more practical, but not a deal breaker. Great job, Brad! Looking forward to getting my hands on one!!

This is awesome. What’s the filter going to be?


I heard that 1K or below was the target price is that what your still aiming for?

make it a full groovebox!!

Sounds really good well done.

congrats, looks fun

Love that warping playback so cool sounds like vinyl and hopefully u can put time stretch in an update but i understand u dont wanna piss off the hip hop police. I cant wait to c pete rock on this thing.

Nice video! when sampling will there be level meters added on the screen as well? Thanks in advance!

Breaking news ! The SP1200 stock has plummeted.

Here's an idea, in the different pitch settings, could you have a "Master Tempo" selection that would alter the speed but not the pitch, like on the Pioneer CDJ's?

Pre-order so Brad can afford shoes!

Will it be able to pitch without affecting tempo?

Very exciting... Are both sample inputs (filtered and unfiltered) mono or stereo?

awesome machine Brad!💥💥💥

Only genuine question I have is will there be a headphone jack? And can it operate as standalone?

Gotta watch later

Would be great if it could be battery powered

Amazing. Im buying it!!!

Sounding lush! Love it!

Possible Play sample chromaticaly (like a piano) and record It in the sequencer? Maybe with An midi keyboard, or directly on the pad.. if It is possible , this beast is the definitive boom bap machine

Yehezkel Raz

3 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Getting trolled by my software developers... ... See MoreSee Less

Getting trolled by my software developers...

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That board is looking so good..... Wish we can get a pic of the top of the whole board..... Need to put that on my wall...and my phone , computer screen saver..... Love it

That sampler is just all kinds of sexy looking.

Haters make you greater. Just saying. Please let me know when i can send you my money that i dont have. Lol.

Oh no!

Funny! 😆

Funny! 😆

cmon Brad!

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ISLA Instruments

SP2400 Update:Cad work is now complete and ready for manufacturing. (the previous enclosure was a customized 'off-the-shelf' console enclosure, not really production quality) This is an all metal, folded sheet steel enclosure, with lovely 8mm thick aluminium side cheeks.seriously ooozing quality and sexiness...Extra buttons have been added to the silicon pad assembly, Primarily, to make this a kick ass contender to the rc505 flagship desktop looper, (popular with the beatboxer fam) but also assignable for other stuff too. Also, the addition of another 2 buttons above each fader, also assignable, but will be useful for some of our planned features. Note, that this has made the unit slightly larger overall, I didn't want to add buttons and have them steal the space already there, so there is about 30mm added to the overall depth of the unit.You'll notice some re-arranging of buttons on the right of the unit, I walked myself back on the (lack of) numerical keypad thing, (it was a stupid idea, confirmed by a few others.. lol ) and so now you have keys 0-9 with shift and enter flanking the 0 digit. moving the encoder wheel up into the far top right of the unit.So, what next? Well, firmware is being worked on, we're opting for the 'classic' workflow, with some obvious 'enhancements' (not having to menu dive, one button per function, choice of HiFi & LoFi channels, USB host etc) meaning that if you know the 1200, you will just be able to get straight on this and start cooking with it. All our quotes for manufacturing the composite parts (steel enclosure, aluminium sides, control panel pcb, main audio pcb, internal power supply, etc) are coming in so we can now cost it all out.Of course, all this costs money, and lots of it., so we'll be opening up for pre-orders soon, with a view to shipping in winter. We're deciding against crowdfunding sites this time around, they take a sizable portion of the funds and I believe I have already proven our honesty, integrity and overall ability to bring a mass produced product to market from the KordBot kickstarter/indiegogo.Pre-Orders will be opened first to our existing kordbot customers who will receive their units first, (after the 20 or so early units made for testers) and we'll then progress onto everyone else.So, it soon time to put your money where your mouth is, it's up to you guys if this comes to market or not.. Phew, that was a lot to get off my chest...<3 ... See MoreSee Less

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So cool that you’re posting the progress and your though process behind changes. Love it man thank you!

Serious stuff, a beautiful thing 👍

thanks for your work

What about the sequencer kordbot firmware?

I'm waiting on my kordbot but I hope I can make the cut off for the first batch of these. The hunger is real.

Nice! Having designed (and brought to market) a bunch music hardware in my career, I know a good thing when I see it. Let us know about the price when you can.

will it be a limited product or you will sell it during a long time ? Cuz i dont have the money yet !! =@@@

Aurélien Villié so excited!!!! uuuuu

Take my💵!

Will it by powered by usb or battery?

Will you be sending out an email to Kordbot customers when we can pre-order? As is I just keep hitting refresh on your website (am I kidding? Maybe, maybe not though.)

Jeeeeez, I hope I can afford one.

Should not have bought a second hand unit in interest of not waiting. Now I'm screwed cuz I'm not in the list 😞

My fear now is that early versions are going to make it onto reseller sites at vastly inflated prices, driving the value up instantly meaning the subsequent models will be priced far higher than the early models sent out in the first drop, in order to cash in from the market. Are there any plans to prevent this? One unit per customer perhaps or some kind of serial activation? Are you going to honour price points throughout it's shelf life?

If you need a tester please let me know

6 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Finally got our tee shirts... pls create a support ticket if we owe you one.. #islainstruments #kordbot #sp1200 #sp2400 #bosslady #fatheranddaughter ... See MoreSee Less

Finally got our tee shirts... pls create a support ticket if we owe you one..
#islainstruments #kordbot #sp1200 #sp2400 #bosslady #fatheranddaughter

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Islaaaaaaa ❤️ what an awesome kid!

She is one beautiful child x

how much longer until the next chord box come in I've been waiting a really long time and this is a little crazy because in the initial purchase it doesn't say the wait time is this long I don't think

¿Es tu hija? ¿Cómo es posible que un tío tan feo pueda tener una hija tan preciosa? jajajajajajajaja.Perdona el atrevimiento. No nos conocemos de nada. Pero si no lo escribo, reviento. --- Is it your daughter? How is it possible that such an ugly uncle can have such a beautiful daughter? jajajajajajajaja.Forgive the boldness. We do not know anything. But if I do not write it, I bust. 😆😅😂🤣

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ISLA Instruments

Here is a side by side test of the og SP1200 next to our SP2400.. can you pick out which is which?I'm pretty stoked how this sounds! 😀#sp1200 #sp2400 #12bit #islainstruments #nailedit ... See MoreSee Less

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They sound different but both beautiful. That ring

Congrats. I was doubtful, now I am sold. Nice work.

Tiens, même si c'est subjectif ça reste pas mal Seb Casino

Can it open songs made on the original SP-1200?

Impressive. Not sure which my pops seems to like the first one better. But i like both. Im happy with either

the second has more weight to it and is a bit more colourful. I'm thinking the second is the original SP

2nd SP ?, but both sound real gritty n nice

The 2nd one is the 1200. The 2nd is slightly smoother...less harsh. The 1st is good.

Nice work !!! 👌🏽

When will these be available for preorder.


Cool beans. I'm more interested in the workflow than the sound being exactly the same. I mean, this is an all-in-one piece of kit, it's portable to a certain degree, I want to see how great it is to work with, because it's 2019, i've got a lot of different pieces of equipment to mess around with, I want to see what this one adds to the conversation.

Sounds great!

Am I going to have to buy 2 again? Cuz I will 🚬😎

I can just barely hear a trace difference between the two on one or two of the examples. But yeh which is which? Pshhh.... no idea!I’d say this is a BassBot level clone, which is about as clone as you can clone IME

Seems to sound pretty similar good job!

how about those outputs?

Jonas Headmasta Godefroid

Electric Relaxation..?

video please

I want to hear down pitched transient material (drums). 😁 I’m pretty much sold for now.

will it be a limited product or you will sell it during a long time ? Cuz i dont have the money yet =(

Damn damn damn!!!! Cannot wait!

1st is OG

Conor Byrne sounds great

1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Quick shipping update.... ... See MoreSee Less

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Any news about the next batch ? Thanks 🙏

So excited!

Hi Brad, I received a tracking number on Tuesday and tracking still hasn’t updated. Is my kordbot included in this batch? My order number is 8027

I ended up being one of those 10 people ..super weird

Good work fella! Some of the most successful companies in the world started out in someone’s garage. )🍎( 👊😉👍

Hi Brad, this Sp 2400 looks promising, im def up to it. If you need me to test it and help to push it on my artist page, do not hesitate to get back to me : fr-fr.facebook.com/LifelikeOfficial/

Great job champ

the sp is ready?

Hey brad, totally unrelated, but i wanted to ask you if you have any intention of creating a payment plan system where ppl who may want a sp2400 but don't have the money up-front could in essence "claim" one so that it's built and has their "name on it" kind of situation, but isn't sent out until the full payment is received? I'm a little worried about demand and supply not matching up, and how well equipped you'd be to supply more after the first or secondary push to get them out to the people that already pay in full. I know you're Steve Jobsiing it over there, but just wondering if that was an option you were considering at all, or might consider? Sort of calling myself out for being poor, but it is what it is.

I can wait ... youtu.be/3TxdJUZt28w

Well done my darling, so proud of you xxx

1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Me & our hero, Donwon sending a huge batch your way.. ... See MoreSee Less

Me & our hero, Donwon  sending a huge batch your way..

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Flys down for Donwon

Are you going to send out tracking numbers for orders being filled?

On there way

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