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6 hours ago

ISLA Instruments

At an event trolling rudy giuliani... ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm surprised you didn't get Secured.

Should get him to preorder a 1200 then not send it to him, or send a bag of your own shit

Some of your best work there!

All fun and games until you get tased, hog tied & hauled off to jail because someone got butt hurt πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You're a hero πŸ€£πŸ–€

Too funny!

That smirk tho lol


Hahahahaha wtf... 🀣🀣🀣🀣

πŸ˜† πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ


You like the dude or not, but he did cut violent crimes by 50% in NYC when he ran the city... that means less harm caused and probably more local lives saved. Guess you piece of hipster shits can achieve the same instead first... just a suggestion. Or lives all of a sudden matter less when trolling someone who you politically disagree with gains more likes on your social media page...

Are people actually there to see that asshole?

Call him a bigot traitor on video

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5 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Stress testing the USB host port..Happy accidents... ... See MoreSee Less

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Receives 3 triggers, plays 3 notes. Cool. Ummmmm, so they’ll be shipping 2021?

will the sp 2400 be polyphonic sample channels?

Very promising for a new horizon of experiments !

NIce man !!!!

Very cool

This is great !!

do you know how long the max sample length will be?


1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

A little valentine's day noodle.. ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Ahw, I need one!

Brad will house you! He'll boom bap you too apparently!

Can you turn the pads 180° to the left for the left handed people? 🀣

OMG I wish!

Will we be able to live record those filter sweeps etc ?

I’m definitely put a order for my one in March !!!!🀘🏿🀘🏿🀘🏿🀘🏿🀘🏿

Sounding good, in my humble opinion you have obviously nailed or came close enough to the OG sound and workflow. can you play a couple of full sequences so we can hear it running (house hip hop, whatever) you don't have to make a beat on the spot or anything like that. filters sound good, anti aliasing sounds good, i'm interested in the feel of the machine and sequencer (PPQ resolutions, edit features), any news on the sample edit features. The build does look sturdy i must say, it does not look like a toy. Lastly i thank you for you determination to build an instrument like this, i know takes a lot of time and focus to put something like this together, no one in the last 25 years has gotten this far. Peace

Sounds good, I love it!

So so dope! πŸ™‚

3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

At the fair with my girls today.. Isla loves it..mind blown.. ... See MoreSee Less

At the fair with my girls today.. Isla loves it..mind blown..

3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

What an absolute honour to have my main man Kenny Dope come to my house today to check out the SP-2400. I think he liked it!@kdope50 ... See MoreSee Less

What an absolute honour to have my main man Kenny Dope come to my house today to check out the SP-2400. I think he liked it!

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Very appropriate shirt to be wearing cause it seems you’ve put your heart and soul into that thing. Well done sir

Cool track great beat. Was this done with an SP1200?

Ive never heard of Kenny Dope. Is he a musician?

I hope the next project will be the recreation of the Emulator (I, II, and III) and Emax.

I hope your next project will be a re-creation of the Jupiter 8

You should be so proud of what u are doing.. Building gear based on your passions and hero’s then having them commending you..

I think I speak for us all when I say Holy Fucking Hell.

Now that’s dope! Can’t wait to get my hands on one

So cool, mate!


Living Legend in da house.

Sunset park represent!!

makes me wanna listen to JAM THE MACE

Holy shit that’s is fucking awesome


I Did kenny like the kord bot to

Yo wassup Dopeman


Would love to know Kenny (Input Monitor) Dope’s reaction to using the SP2400. Also, what else he used on this..

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3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Going live with ken flux pierce at 8.30pm ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Our super expensive grayhill optical encoders arrived. These are used for the select knob with integrated pushbutton. For navigating the file lists etc.. ... See MoreSee Less

Our super expensive grayhill optical encoders arrived. These are used for the select knob with integrated pushbutton. For navigating the file lists etc..

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You're a select knob

I’ve been accused of being a knob, but never a FANCY knob.

a lot of work

Wow, looks good. Chan you tell how many steps per revolution?

U r a god

That's the CHEAPEST Grayhill optical encoder. You want expensive, I'll show you expensive πŸ™‚

Nice! Except now I can’t get this out my head

3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Sp-2400 Production update. ... See MoreSee Less

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So best case sounds like April to expect units to start shipping realistically? Don’t sweat it mate, it’s a massive endeavour that you’re undertaking. Can’t wait πŸ‘πŸ»

Cool! Please do the ASR 10 next πŸ˜‰

What are the dimensions?

This is awesome! I have yet to see a company like this continuously walk people through the various stages of development and seek input. It is soooo refreshing to see someone who obviously cares passionately about their product, not just a shameful cash grab/copycat. I can't wait for the release!

That stings but I like the idea that the Firmware will be more mature and debugged in advance. Warm wishes from Palm Springs.

Honest as always and thanks for the updates Brad. Looking forward to the video, keep up the good work.

Looking good, and I’m fine with the wait, because it helps me manage the side eye I get from my wife from ordering too much gear so close together. Cheers!

Even with the delay, I'm amazed you're able to bring a project like this to market so quickly. Do you even sleep? πŸ™‚

Standard issues for productions ... all good when final product looks so good !

Damn I really want to buy one, I'm in Boynton Beach can i just give you the cash in person. πŸ˜† lol

Appreciate the updates ,very refreshing !!

Will be worth the wait, great work.

So excited for this!

No worries no hurries looks awesome

Mate, I've been waiting two years for a feckin SSL 4000 clone. The development pace on this has been miraculous. Been a joy watching this - we get a bit more into the bargain.

Chinese gov extended the holiday an extra week (to mitigate novel-corona), they weren’t going to be ready for your parts anyhow!

I want that shirt!

What is the price gonna be?

I appreciate you being an honest , stand up person through this whole process . I have no problem waiting for the gear if the person I’m buying it from isn’t bullshitting me . Party on !

Great! Please remake the Emulator (I, II, III, and IV) and Emax (I, SE, and II) 61 note and 24+ voices keyboard.

Great update even though the delay is a bummer. I’m happy though that it gives you more time to sort out the firmware prior to launch. Cheers!

Worth the wait. It looks fantastic. But how do I change the destination for my order? I preordered on the first day and I’ll need it shipped to a different address.

Gonna be worth the wait! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

Don’t stress it. It’s great to get an update. Thanks for the video.

Hey Brad Holland, what you did with the SP-2400 is just marvelous! Take the time you need to get it finalized properly...

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3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

I'm delighted to announce, that I have now tested with a 512gb card and it works just fine...It's a question I'm asked a lot (max sd card size)So there you have it!#sp2400 #sp1200 ... See MoreSee Less

Im delighted to announce, that I have now tested with a 512gb card and it works just fine...
Its a question Im asked a lot (max sd card size)

So there you have it!

#sp2400 #sp1200

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Wow, incredible! I remember back in college trying to scrape up the money for the 1 MB (yes, 1 MB lol) memory expansion board for my Akai sampler and I was in heaven!!! Wow we are truly spoiled and blessed these days!

LAWD! That’s a LOT of drum sounds! 🀣

Would there be any reason that the 1 TB model of the same card wouldn’t work?

Ginormous gaping entire sectors of sample space.

Nice! Let's hear what this baby can do!

That’s awesome!!

What about external hard drives say in the 2-4TB range.

can not wait to create with this !

Awesome! (y) (y)

So, will it come with a small card with some samples preloaded to get me started?

That’s a great development. Thanks for the update

As we know, you get some "interesting" comments. Just for "shits n' giggles", I'm gonna ask (before someone else does)...will a petabyte SD card work?

Awesome now when they shipping haha ? I sold my live so I can buy this !


Yeah !!!! Man this shit is going to be the truth !

I’m still on floppy’s.. lol..

still wait the video demo

it s enough


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3 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Video update is a little delayed as I completley forgot that despite putting everything in the studio, none of it was actually wired up...which I need a good deal of it for the demo.. almost there.. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yeah man it's almost February, time for some video updates about software for those babies!

How do you forget to wire your studio up? πŸ˜‚ Some lovely kit in there m8.

Ahhh The Roland MV-8800, I did a ton of the sounds for that machine and all the instructional videos lol Super dope machine still have mine with the MV8-OP1 output expander πŸ™‚

Is the sequencer almost ready? I am excited to hear a few drum patterns/ break beats. Thanks! Keep up the good work!!

Any lefties support??


Julian Torres

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