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ISLA Instruments

Bye bye babies.. ... See MoreSee Less

Bye bye babies..


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That's one fine system you have there! OCD always plays a fundamental role in this! <3 it!

Is this those you mailed out about a few days ago?

Cranking them out! 👏🏻👏🏻

Hello baby ?!!!!!!!!

Welcome home, son.

Your postman looked chill last time. Last time.....

What should I be doing as a kickstarter supporter who hasn't received an email yet?

Hey, just in time for the holidays.

3 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Beta 4 is now available for download at the website.. However, the site seems to be running Suuuuuppperrrrr slowwww something is wrong with it I think... Another thing I have to put on the list.. <sigh> ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

ISLA Instruments

124... Gotta hand it to our awesome postman Don he is a legend! ... See MoreSee Less

124... Gotta hand it to our awesome postman Don he is a legend!


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Hope mine is in there 🙂

I'll look back on this photo one day in disbelief that I managed to pull it all off!! as will Bill L. Behrendt I'm sure.

According to tracking mine IS in there 😀


Nice werk mate

Mine has a long way to go, but I hope it's there 🙂

Laredo Laredo Laredo Laredo hope mine is comming home

Nice work!

Dude, it has been so awesome to watch you move through this entire process, from prototyping to shipment. I am super excited to see what people end up doing with them. Such a wonderful thing to see one dude with the help of a handful of people realize something I have been wanting for years and years.

Still waiting for an in depth demo!! When you've time of course! Great work I wish the kordbot every success! !

hey i also got the mail 🙂

mine is somewhere in there.....

I was wondering how things would go. Turned out great huh.

I’m still waiting and have hope on the next shipping😉👍

I‘ve ordered mine on Nov. 19th. Any chance it‘s already shipped with this round?

Don looks like a legend, just look at that hair, and brads too

Well done Brad, but you look a right knob in that photo. xxx mart, kez and fredster. Trust all ok with you guys.😀👍❤️

Lol I’m learning from the best (Brad).

He is a top boy!

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4 days ago

ISLA Instruments

Postmans gonna be pissed today... ... See MoreSee Less

Postmans gonna be pissed today...


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next batch...maybe mine??🙏🙏

Are those all sold?

I see a lot of happy customers there 🙂

Still getting it all out before Xmas?

Hoping you catch up to me.

You really are going to send mine the day after I go on vacation... Anyhow, glad to wait for this thing, and glad to see you're getting so many orders!

He better treat the babies right... 🤣

Awesome. If I buy now I will received in January ?

Hope mines in there

Fingers crossed mine is in there 😁

Wow! 92 or thereabouts, thats pretty rocking!!

Not if he’s one of the people that ordered one!

Happyness! lets hope that one of those babies comes to Laredo, TX.


Looking forward to this 🙂

Stacked chords


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6 days ago

ISLA Instruments

OK, who's ready for MIDI IN/THRU ? 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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I’m ready for my KordBot


I'm sitting by the mailbox in the snow waiting for my custom one of a kind Kordbot.

any update on shipping?

I am ready for a kordbot! Maybe I’ll get mine by Christmas 🙏

You can’t go wrong if you put in every possible connection available... midi, cv, din sync, and possibly audio trigger with an envelope follower

I am ready for my kordbot too. I was hoping to get it before christmas last year & now i am hoping to get it before christmas this year. Good things come to those who wait.


lookin forward! when's that comin?

Adroč Vistiņa

i try to be patient but theres no indication of position or if ive been lost or bumped or what. this is a clusterfuck. will i ever see my kordbot? i hope so.

I keep refreshing the ISLA download page hoping that 3.08 turn's into a 3.09!

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1 week ago

ISLA Instruments

Love this!!

AA Battery
Just a very quick demo of my new toy, the ISLA Instruments #Kordbot. Now I can play chords without any music theory knowledge whatsoever!
... See MoreSee Less

AA Battery

2 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

9,999 likes and my wife is one.. Chantelle Holland ... See MoreSee Less

9,999 likes and my wife is one.. Chantelle Holland

2 weeks ago

ISLA Instruments

Yeah, what's the polyphony on that, mate? ... See MoreSee Less

Yeah, whats the polyphony on that, mate?


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I can see mine.

Santa Claus

I can see mine too 😁

Assuming that these all are sold or pre-ordered, will there be a further run? Or some kind of improved models in the future? Thanks

Utterly Amazeballs!! Congrats Toa Mata Band

Toa Mata Band
Hello anyone, it's time for a new episode of Toa Mata Band, this one is called "Orkestrionicle".
The Orchestrions were mechanic musical instruments that were developed in Germany in the early XIX century that would automatically play music and were designed to sound like an orchestra.
These music machineries were made of a complex system of gears, pulley and levers which were operated by a large pinned cylinder or by a piano roll.
Their sound was usually produced by pipes, percussion instruments, but many orchestrions contained a piano player as well.
The 6th episode of Toa Mata Band is inspired by these amazing retro music machines, by adding to the LEGO® Bionicle robotic orchestra some acoustic percussions and a vintage mono synthesizer which creates (with help of a bunch of solenoids, robot-arm and a MIDI step sequencer) a fully-analogue electroacoustic ensemble.
This piece is the results of a live-robotics set recording, mastered in post production.
\\\ Thank you for watching and if you like this video you can find the previous episodes on my YouTube channel:
www.youtube.com/user/opificiosonico ///
#toamataband [°L°] #robots can #make you #dancing
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Toa Mata Band


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Xylophone robot was my fave

This is otherworldly beautiful

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