4 banks of mem pads...

4 banks of mem pads (m1-48)?  


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22/02/2018 3:40 am  

Is the kordbot able to store more than one bank of 12 mem pads? I'd liked to know if we can haz the 4 function keys be able to select 4 different banks of men pads so we can haz 48 custom stored chords instead of 12? If not possible, is there a way to save and load the mem pad settings to retrieve chords you made for other songs?

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17/08/2018 12:46 pm  

It would be really cool if we could change KB Projects on the fly... Maybe with Midi PC sent from another Controller... 128 x 12 Memory Pads should be enough (with Midi Bank change it could be 128 times more...;-))

And this way it could include all other settings (like Touchstrip setup, Midi Channels for all instances, encoder setup etc.), everything optimized for the Songpart we`re actually in, or the Instrument we´re just playing...

This would take KB to a much higher level for me


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