How do I save my se...

How do I save my settings?  


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20/02/2018 8:15 pm  

I looked in the manual.  I created a System card and saved my setup.  Main changes -- USB In/Out turned off, USB on Startup turned off.  Rebooted the Kordbot, all settings are back to the default.

My question is - do I have to go into File Manager and load my saved config every time I power up?  Why aren't the last/current settings saved on power down and restored on power up?

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15/03/2018 5:52 am  

So where do we stand on this? I feel it's a bug that my settings aren't saved and restored. I guess it was an obvious assumption that the Kordbot design would have some type of battery-backed/super cap/static RAM store to hold the current settings between power cycles.

On a related topic, what's the warranty on Kordbots? Every power up I have to go through the same cycle - turn the encoder ver to settings, push, then push twice since in the settings menu it often fails to recognize the first push, then turn off USB, then go change other settings. Since all menu navigation uses the first encoder, it's likely going to wear out faster than the rest. It seems the knobs are glued on, so I can't service it myself to replace an encoder, that's why I ask.

Alternately - if there's really no backing store between power cycles, why can't you load a saved configuration from the SD card on power up?

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22/10/2018 9:54 pm  

I'm actually considering selling mine on ebay for this very reason. I can't get it to save anything either (and never have).

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10/07/2019 9:09 am  

You have to create a directory in the root of the sd card first and then save in that.