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Is my Kordbot Bricked? White blank screen  


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21/11/2019 2:55 pm  


It seems like my Kordbot unit is malfunctioning. I'll try to outline the problem. I thought it might be useful to have this posted on the forum in case someone else runs into this problem. If it can be fixed that is, and my unit didn't just freakishly go out.

  • I noticed this after I updated Windows 10 to the latest version of 1909. The day before, it was working.
  • After, I went to use the Kordbot and it was just a blank white screen. I thought hmm that's weird.
  • I thought maybe it was something I could jar loose by upgrading the firmware to the latest version.
  • I upgraded from version 4 whatever, to the latest 5. It let me upgrade fine in DFU mode. The drivers worked on the unit.
  • It upgrades saying the programming was complete. I shut the unit off.
  • Still a white screen.
  • I go to the device manager and under it it says "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
  • The thing that gets me is; it lets me go into DFU mode, no problem, but when I'm out of it and restart, nothing.
  • After the firmware upgrade to v5, my unit no longer goes through the light show at the beginning. It just goes straight to white.

Is this is something that can be fixed on my end, or will I need to send it in? Where are the ordinary Kordbot drivers? Are they built in to the Kordbot?

I took the Kordbot to another machine running Windows 7, and same issue.

Thanks for any help!

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21/11/2019 3:05 pm  

hi aaron, 

it needs to come back for a replacement lcd screen. 

please create a support ticket, and include your order number and details.