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Kordbot MIDI Implementation Chart?  


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08/08/2018 11:53 am  

Is there a MIDI Implementation Chart for the Kordbot showing what MIDI values it sends and receives?

I thought there was some discussions on Facebook about Kordbot receiving and responding to some MIDI CCs (and notes?), but I wasn't sure if that was implemented, just desired, or discussed and rejected.


Just a standard chart like you found in the back of the Roland manuals would be more than sufficient.


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12/08/2018 3:39 pm  

It's a great suggestion for sure, but not one that is requested all that much. 

we still have a lot of stuff on our plate at the moment, so we will come back to this one!


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25/08/2018 6:15 am  

+1 (while waiting for the sequencer, a possibility to sequence the pads from the outside, anyway useful)

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12/02/2019 12:42 am  

A Midi Implementation Chart would be very helpful, and also much better Midi Control, which was stated to come, long time ago...


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26/02/2019 3:11 am  

A fully midi automateable kordbot would add greatly to its usefulness as a musical quantizing brain of incoming note and cc data within a multi-box set-up; particularly as its sequencing functions haven't been released yet. 

It would complement its use with other sequencers...

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