trigger the MEM pad...

trigger the MEM pads from an external keyboard?  


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18/10/2018 1:34 pm  



Is it possible to trigger the MEM pads from an external keyboard/sequencer?


Cant find anything about this in the manual. 




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18/10/2018 6:33 pm  

When in a play mode, you press SHIFT and you’ll see F4 is assigned to the MEM Trig setup function. Makes no sense to go into it if you have no chords saved tho. So
1): save a few chords first.
2): Press SHIFT + f4
3): press a mem pad that you want to configure. it’ll get a white highlight
4): press an external midi din or USB note. it will figure out which device and channel to put in, along with the note that will trigger the MEM pad.
5): press the tick / check to leave the screen.

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31/12/2018 2:15 am  

I can get to the "MIDI In to MEM key mapping" screen, but then sending MIDI to the DIN In port does not do anything.  There are instructions on this screen that say "2) Choose a device (f1)DIN (f2)USB (F3)Wireless", but pressing or holding down f1 while sending a MIDI note from an external device does nothing.  I know the device is sending proper MIDI data, as it can drive a MIDI sound box just fine.  So what am I missing?