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KordBot Firmware 4.0.8 BETA  


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31/07/2018 9:56 pm  

Bill has been hard at work with the touch strip and we are proud to announce v.4.0.8 update which brings a lot of cool stuff!

Download the latest here: HERE


Release Notes:
BugFix: Saving MIDI mapper data to SD card wasn’t saving/loading correctly, so USB and BLE port assignments were lost. This affected ONLY encoders set to use MIDI CC, the expression pedal and the footswitch. Keys mapped to device/channels were NOT affected. KordBot will now display a warning in cases where an older project is loaded. In that case you can re-assign the ports and save over the project, if you wish.


BugFix: In KEY+MOD mode, arpeggios used with higher quantise settings were sporadically missing timing by starting a fraction of a beat late. This did not happen in Diatonic mode or with MEM pads.

Touch Strip part 1 – SHIFT+f3
The 12 touch strip trigger sensors can be turned on and off to customise strumming and pitch bend/MIDI CC triggers. This takes effect in all modes, so if you turn off some sensors, MIDI CC and Pitch Bend will be “jumpy” (which may be what you’re after   ).

Touch Strip part 2 – ALT+SHIFT+f1 to f4
MIDI CC and Pitch Bend available on touch strip, EXCEPT for Diatonic Strum mode, where the touch strip is used to trigger notes, instead.

The touch strip can be set to “return to center”, “return to left” or “stay on last value” (ALT+SHIFT+f3 cycles through). For pitch bend, best results are obtained on “return to center” as the pitch will return to the “no pitch offset” at center when no touch is detected. If you set it to “left” then the strip will send out the left hand value on no touch detected, and you will be off 1 or 2 notes because the numbers return to the left-most value. “Stay on last value” does exactly that: it holds the value it last saw
before loss of touch detection happened.

The response rate of the strip can be set to “slow”, “normal” and “fast” (ALT+SHIFT+f1 cycles through).

The touch strip can be configured to a different MIDI CC value (default is 74, which on many units is the filter cutoff frequency) and to “Ts half range” values by ALT+SHIFT+f4. This launches the setup screen (also available on the main menu Settings screen).

The half range values can be used, for example with pitch bend to allow sweeping a smaller +/- 1 note step (musically called a “half-step — e.g C up to to C# and C down to B). Normally the pitch bend has range of +/- 2 steps (musically called a “whole step” — e.g. C up to D and C down to Bb).

For larger ranges, the destination device MAY have a setting that allows you to tailor its response to the Pitch Bend range, but the MIDI values emitted by the KordBot are MIDI standard for the normal range and cut in half for the ‘half’ range. (I.e. normally pitch bend is sending numbers from -2 steps (left) to 0 steps (center) to +2 steps (right) and in the ‘half’ setting the values are -1 step (left) 0 steps (center) and 1 step (right))

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Just a thought: how about open sourcing the updater app and putting it on Github?  This way people who can, and have the time to help, could help evolve it?