Kordbot is a MIDI controller which knows thousands of chords in over fifty scales, yet you don’t need to know any music theory to use it.

Build up chord progressions quickly using the 12 memory keys and use them to try out different variations and inversions.

Kordbot also helps you learn by showing you how to play chords and scales via the light-up keys. Kordbot will even suggest the next chord for your chord progression.

Whether you make music on your phone or tablet, in a studio full of hardware or attached directly to your favorite DAW, Kordbot has you covered. Connection via MIDI, USB or bluetooth in any combination means you can compose wherever you are.

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Full Color TFT LCD Screen

32 Chord Mod buttons

8 push encoders

12 Chord memory pads

Finger ribbon for chord strumming

588 different scales

SD card slot

Din/USB/Bluetoth MIDI in and out

32 chord-mod buttons
8 push encoders
12 chord memory pads

588 different scales
Flexible arpeggiator
Chord strumming ‘Ribbon’

Colour LCD Screen
Din/USB/Bluetooth MIDI
SD-card slot

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