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4 days ago
ISLA Instruments

Boat people rejoice!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Did Nov 2019 orders make the first batch? Just checking to see if I need to contact support or wait for this build.

That was a great turnaround time for customs imho.


Hey nice Opals! I have those also. Great monitors!

how far along the queue will this batch satisfy?

That dig on jim 😆

make beats yo during the mean time...

Whoo hoo!😎🤘

methinks mine will be in this new batch.

Sexy room play boy

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6 days ago
ISLA Instruments

P.s. this is done for fun in spare time..don't get in a twist about it detracting from the job at hand..
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I'm gonna sample these sounds especially the bass 😂

Genius !!

Jo Suave on y est presque au démineur 🥳

I love Easter eggs but watching this and then I see my Kordbot waiting for its new firmware and features due and I can't help but feel annoyed.

When is it going to run Doom?

OH NO. You went for the cheesy predictable option. Hoping for something more rad for the S2400. Hmpphh

Sold on just that! Everybody occasionally needs a break in the studio, you guys were smart enough to build it in so I don’t have to move from the box!

Now if you could do Elite 🙂

I can’t find either pong nor asteroids. I know it’s a Easter egg, but any help would be appreciated.🤙🏽

Now if you add Asteroids or Star Castle?!

Ok now I really can't wait for mine to arrive... well whenever it arrives lol

Omg it just keeps getting better and better 😍

where's the fire button?

Now do Atari E.T.

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7 days ago
ISLA Instruments

Digging! ... See MoreSee Less


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I don't know where you live at in Florida but if you ever get to Ft. Lauderdale check out Radioactive Records. That place is awesome. Lots of cool imports and used records there.

full dimensional sound series???

Beastie Boys loop on that one

Check out the Moog Cookbook albums.

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1 week ago
ISLA Instruments

Gotta say, I'm surprised nobody found the easter eggs yet..... ... See MoreSee Less

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Whaaaaat?!? ... I’m checking right now.

Reubix Gee haha keen

Makes me want to buy one even more now!

Why ya gotta tease the boat crew like this? 😭🤣

Nice 😊 Like a back in days game: Just two days ago told my daughter about the first TV/Computer-game I had back then ...

I ordered mines in late September with the case are they about to be delivered or not yet

Me who wanted to buy myself a PS5, the more the trouble I will stay on this old game of atari simulate on the Isla 😂😍😁

I would - if I had mine already.

Can’t find it since it’s not here yet. Hahah.

Well now I have to buy one 🤪

I’m going to find it tonight

Maybe it’s because I didn’t receive mine yet 🙂

I hope wear on the knob is covered hahah

Where's Elvis?

“PONG” 2021

Beat Block

HBD Brad!!! 🎚🖤

Crazy : ) Dennis Grell

Wtf 😳

Suave Tape!

Leo Dozier 🤣

This isn’t what I’d call an Easter egg.

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2 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

Waiting for the next 500 to clear customs here in the usa. I have a few days off to play and it's my birthday on Saturday, so I'm going to finish this little remake up. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Birthday Brad! It was just mine yesterday - is there one more available on this shipment (maybe someone backed out...)? If so, I will pay now 😊

Happy Birthday

Barry Anderson Ray Mendoza

Nice Brad enjoy your Birthday!! Man she looks so good with those wooden Panels!!🔥🔥

Happy future birthday Brad

Happy Birthday road to Saturday!!

Enjoy your family, your friends. And of course, of the sound of your Masterpiece✊🏽

"Intro".... one of my favourite track ever.... Alan Braxe was on the beta testers list before, finally not ?

"Intro".... one of my favourite track ever.... Alan Braxe was on the beta testers list before, finally not ?

I hope to have mine soon . Looks amazing.!!

Great news thanks for the update. Happy bday!

can't wait, can't wait, man - stop posting this ;-))))

Ahh I remember hearing that track for the first time.

Intro! The famous Jets - Crush on you sample 👌

Any updates on where in the order list you are with shipping?

Happy Early Birthday!

I think I need to get wood sides on mine 😂

Happy early bday!

Intro 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Werk it dammit I can't wait to finally get mine lol


After constantly dealing with customs delays in my own line of work I have a feeling it might take a while. But hoping I’m wrong.

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3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

RIP Rupert Neve
1926 - 2021
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RIP Rupert Neve
1926 - 2021

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I think it's amazing to sit back and think of how much of an impact he made. People use his name like Kleenex: "Neve sound" or "Neve style". The 50s-90s had some pioneering engineering that defined how we all work still. Even our plugins are based on that work. WILD!

Thanks for sharing. He was such an awesome gift to music.

A true master

Man, RIP to the goat

Well shit



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3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

We're live, all together for the first time...
Come ask us questions!
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Video image

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Was a good watch.

3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

Our gorgeous American Black Walnut sides are now available in very limited supplies from our website shop.
Better get in quick!!!
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Our gorgeous American Black Walnut sides are now available in very limited supplies from our website shop.
Better get in quick!!!

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Is it possible to set an existing order to be for the wood sides? I ordered last year and never had the option.

Purchased the wood sides any idea when they ship or will they ship with the unit?

Am i the only one that thinks about how if the unit is more beautiful, you end up putting your hands on it more, and that increases your output, and increased output means increased potential of random jemz?

Damn it Brad! Stop making dope ass products! I already ordered the S2400, and now I'm gonna have to get these side panels and the hard case too 😅 you're killing me Smalls lol

I love the brushed aluminum, but this looks damn nice.

Dem Walnut Like Da Root from Da Mango Tree Near Da Resting Place Of Peter Tosh

If I order these will it delay my S1200 delivery? I feel like it got delayed already when I ordered the case because they're all suppose to ship together.

Ok wooden sides ordered... I'm wondering if you guys can just install them before sending me my unit. 🙂

Ordered from France!

Hell yeah Ordered !!! Thx Brad!! Juss gotta get my hard case when it gets closer to sending out 2020 units 👍🏼!! Thx again brother hope all is well yo

Ok I'm sorry. I am sorry. That's just beautiful. X

That looks great! what are those "ferrule" things around the screws called, i would like to get some for personal projects.

Not seeing them 🕵️

Just Installed mine. I think they look great.

will there be more made eventually after this batch runs out?

Just ordered mine, yayyyyyyyyyyyy

copped twiiice

that look!

Damn and here I am... still without my S2400 lol

I'm in 👌



On it!



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