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5 days ago
ISLA Instruments ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm also a August last year buyer and drooling with lust😂😂😂

Nice review in the July 🆘 issue BTW.

Good news! Is the next batch in yet? I’m one of the august last year buyers... I’m chomping! 😜😜😜

Hello fellow Augusters

I am August to still waiting Patiently

3 august buyers wondering wheres the boat brad?

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3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

I'm away from the office this weekend as it's company boss Isla's 6th birthday. en route to LegoLand.
Mickey dropped this bombshell on me this morning, and he'll probably be mad at me for showing you this, but, well, you know how excited I get about these things. Have a great weekend folks!!
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Levi William 💥

For a 6-year-old, Legoland > Disney.

Huge! I’ve been anxiously awaiting MIDI functionality. Using external sequencers to control the S2400 is gonna make things REAL exciting 😛

Amazing!!! Have fun at Legoland!!

So it seems that the MIDI tracks are polyphonic. Is that correct?

Rad... will the next batch of S2400 have this firmware installed?

Happy bornski to the youngest beat machine queen 👑!! Have fun guys!! Bless B !!!

bye bye octatrack

Sick! I didn’t expect when I ordered mine that it could be the brain for my setup this is HUGE. Can replace my MPC and Digitakt in that respect. Damn can’t wait to get mine!! 🔥

Awesome! This is far exceeding my expectations of what the S2400 can do!

Cant wait to get unit in Dubai ...🙌🧡

happy birthday have good time

Really exited about this, and you say it can control 32 channels?

Happy Birthday Isla! 🎁🎵🎂🎶🎉🎵🥳🎶

Amazing. It’s becoming better and better. 🙂

never cease to amaze me guys. stay blessed!

could we know when it will be able to upload

Happy birthday to the "boss"!

Sick ✊🏻


So did you essentially have a MIDI loop signal with the Prologue sending notes via MIDI in and the S2400 recording those notes and sequencing them out via MIDI out back to the Prologue?

Happy birthday to the boss lsla !🎶🎂

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4 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

Mini update... ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for the update.

Splendid..... big love to the posse ❤🙏

So… the 500 expected to arrive with you June 1st is running about two weeks late? ie; probably mid July for an order placed Aug 25, 2020?

thanks Brad and rest of the team. Have a good weekend

Thanks for the update. I have 1 question, the USB audio, will you be able to sample to the S24000 through the USB ?

Would you first finish the sequencer for the kordbot which you promised us already years ago please

huuuuuge fw update. exciting! Please: Adjust Input Monitoring: Off option, so it stays off when recording loops. That's key to live looping setup with a mixdown of instruments that are already monitored. Amazing unit! Cheers.

Thanks so much for the YOUGE update! Hope all is well in Sunny SF, Your’s Truly, Chicago

Thank you for the update. And keep up the good work! 🙂

Thanks again 👍🏾

Cant wait to use this with my asr 10

Kordbot any update on the fix for v6

What about the Kordbot? Still waiting for a usable firmware.!

Great work

thanks you for this update Brad

Shout out to the whole ISLA Instruments team 💯💯💯💯💯💯

Ok kool

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4 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

2 years ago today... Isla and the S2400 grew so fast... ... See MoreSee Less

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Also great taste in shirts!

2 months ago
ISLA Instruments

Well, this is the first module I have ever bought. As yet, I have nothing to put it in or anything to connect it to, guess I'd better start swotting up...
Shouts to @modbapmodular @bboytechreport
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Well, this is the first module I have ever bought. As yet, I have nothing to put it in or anything to connect it to, guess Id better start swotting up...
Shouts to @modbapmodular  @bboytechreport

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Modular made me sell my voyager xl. You won’t be disappointed.

Making me want 1 now

Tsk, tsk. I remember the day when I got frowns (from a certain person) for liking modular stuff 😉 😂

i started with 32 HP case, a week later i had an 84hp, currently now 672hp. enjoy the ride 😀

Just one module? Ha! It's only a matter of time before your house looks like this. (btw, I'm not saying I'm not into it!)

you should have started with a small case like a 4ms pod where you can put a small signal chain in a row. but have a fun midular journey 👏👏👏

Haha I've been looking at the same thing. I had a modular once and patching wasn't for me plus it's a bottomless pit. But I think imma get this.

Make sure you defrag that bitch Brad. Allright.

Get a 4MS Pod for it, keep you from diving head first into eurocrack.

The addiction

and so it begins... 😂

Soon an eurorack s2400? 😬👍🏻

Hmm now I want one. Thanks.


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2 months ago
ISLA Instruments

Custom boot screens in the next fw..
Essential, no, but it can't all be serious work.. bravo mickey!
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This thing just keeps getting better & better

This could be a very good thing.....or a very bad thing. 😉


So any image can up uploaded and converted to a boot screen image?

Finally a use for that screengrab from 1986’s bizarre rite of passage, Sam Fox’s Strip Poker for Commodore 64.

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2 months ago
ISLA Instruments

No, you shut up. .. ... See MoreSee Less

No, you shut up. ..

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"I've come to deliver a box of SOC's"

It does look like a hardcore piece of equipment right enough.

Whats wrong with you !? 🤣

Just concentrate on getting the units around Brad

Rule 34 my doods

April tools


Ewww, someone is getting a stained sticky unit


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2 months ago
ISLA Instruments ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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So niiiiice !!!!


Alec Eff Pierre Daniel

Amazing! Thanks so much for the update, this is incredibly cool! Maybe this is already possible, and I didn’t get it right, but in the far future, I think it would be a great consideration, to add the external inputs on the s2400 as individual channels on the usb interface. I’d love to give my record player a permanent position going through the s2400. The same goes for a nice mic pre with a percussion mic. And maybe a nice synth. All of which I’d also use to record audio into ableton at times, where I have no channels left on the s2400. Setup & workflow-wise, that would be awesome.

USB audio question... I know it bypasses the filters, but is that only the cutoff filter knob or is there some other character that would be missed? (assuming we did the resample feature) would the sounds sound the same coming from the USB audio and from the back if the cutoff filter was opened all the way?

Thank you! I’m lazy and I will sample straight from YT. Guilty as charged.

Very impressive! Are the USB audio outputs post analogue filters?

Loving it even more!

are bank E midi tracks polyphonic?

Any update on fix for kordbot v6. Or at least way to go back a version

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