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Getting my space properly setup to do some nice streams/demos...
Also, check out that MRCC by my friends over at Conductive Labs
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Great looking studio!

Yeh looking forward to the video Brad. I’ve also got a UAD setup so interested in your workflow. You played around with Luna yet ? It’s nice and simple for recording with the UAD devices in Luna

My seven year old heard you say RoBlox and came running. 😐Thanks

Awesome setup! Can't wait to see the video. That song reminds me of Gorillaz!👌🏼👍🏼

How many synthesizers does it take to update the Kordbot firmware?

What patchbay are you using?

Levi William

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Setting up a (hopefully) permanent lighting/camera rig in my actual workspace, and not the garage, so I can start doing some feature demos etc.. ... See MoreSee Less

Setting up a (hopefully) permanent lighting/camera rig in my actual workspace, and not the garage, so I can start doing some feature  demos etc..

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Brad Holland, I am setup for it also kind sir. Always looking for a new opportunity.

Roland V Synth? How do you find it? Would love to own one of those.

Secret stash 🧐

You need an Eventide H3000 😋

Is the cat called Isla? 😻

Nice! Can I recommend a Moog...

That S2400 pillow is 🔥

that cat has the life

Why the need for so many keyboards? I'm just curious. Are they just keyboards you've collected over the years?

That’s sexy


How is the kordbot firm ware coming along ,I cant wait to get back using it on all my productions


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4 days ago
ISLA Instruments

Hi Brad,
Please see below from our agent at the Miami port regarding my email I sent to him. We will continue to ask for daily updates until it becomes available for pickup.

We are looking for solutions but the congestion coupled with a driver shortage is keeping us on standby until we can get a commitment for pickup.”

Subject: Re[8]: shipment.
as I said, I will go with our own trucks if they will release it to us.
this is ludicrous now.
Kind Regards,
Brad Holland

I know it’s absolutely mind blowing. But, It’s not that. We have 2 trucks on stand by to go get the freight as it becomes available. The congestion is all of the containers stacking up at the port, and from all of the reports we’ve seen there is a ton of them coming in. The driver shortage is actually the drivers who take the containers from the from the CFS (container freight station) which is where they are originally taken off from the boat and take them to the warehouse to be devanned (container unsealed and all of the LCL shipments take off container to be put on warehouse floor for pickup).
Best Regards,
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Been dealing with similar port issues on the west coast. Miami is even worse because of the drayage embargo. Faaaaack!

Many thanks for sharing this information with us. We are all together in the same boat and things will be ok sooner than later.

That doesn't seem like the "best regards" one could receive.

Hang in there Brad Holland and ISLA Instruments team. You built it They will wait Nobody can say you haven’t been forthcoming and communicative

2 Trucks on standby!!! What is this a Mickey Mouse company? Surely they could invest in a few more trucks and drivers during the shortage.

nobody wants to hear this but mercury retrograde much? ijs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What a headache! Thanks for the transparency here

Did someone say "self-driving trucks?" 😲

Is this regarding the cases or the MACHINES THEM SELF OR BOTH?

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Wow bloody hell, crazy times.

This wouldn't have happened under Trump

Thanks for the update, Brad!

This guy is the culprit..... 😜

Worker shortage.

Get your own truck company son! You could make a fortune ☺

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Cant say you didn't try!


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4 days ago
ISLA Instruments

Figuring out how this talkbox works I got about 2 years ago. ... See MoreSee Less

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We need more dads like you.. getting kids involved early in music is a great way to have a more creative world 🙂

I expect information about Kordbots updates/upgrades at this point here. No familiy stories often seen here, which did not interesest me, nor are they fruitful for my arts. I will discomnect this FB comnection by now. Bye. 😞

This video made me laugh with the faces she’s making while singing. 😂

How 🤬’n Rude! Jeeeezus! ✌🏽

Which one you got Brad?

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5 days ago
ISLA Instruments

Shipping update. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for the update. Your communication and customer service is already better than 99.99% of product companies out there. Good luck with the last 40 miles...

Thanks for the info. The cases are in the same situation? I mean whenever you get the machines you get also the cases and you ship both things?

Thanks for the update, what’s with the boat after the current one ? Which must be normally soon by you too.

Thanks for the update - this is just the current state of logistics and the supply chain - while some folks want to think all the madness is behind us, we are still deeply feeling the effects of COVID disruptions. Patience and good wishes to everyone! The beats will come!

I was just thinking about you guys.... Thanks for the update!!!

Worth every minute of waiting folks, just saying

I love that you asked to go get it. Sucks it’s soo close to you but yet no….

Me tossing my computer after watching this 😆

Be honest, do you think it is dysfunction from external politics?

You could fly a drone over the warehouse with a thermal camera to see if there is anyone actually working in there. I like the fact you swore. It shows how angry you are. I am swearing with you. Do they care how much this impacts your business?

Put a trace on it.

Delayed or not, this level of service is how every company should be doing things. Appreciate the update.

Don’t worry guys, y’all probably will get extra stickers and rolling papers. So it still will be a win. All jokes aside, give that man some Kudos for actually giving a Ufck! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Well here in the UK there is a shortage of HGV drivers caused by a combination of Brexit and Covid. Can’t see Brexit affecting the U S but then you never know. Hope it gets sorted soon.

Sorry you guys are getting those delays and thanks so much for the updates!


Updates are always welcomed

Considering most businesses are unreachable and won’t even say anything when things don’t go to plan, this is appreciated. the pain of dysfunction is being felt all around right now.

Thanks for the update !!

Good to know… let‘s hope …

You handsome bastard! 😁

Appreciate you broski

Thanks 4 update bro!

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2 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

When you just wanna make beats, but your dad is that guy from Isla Instruments. ... See MoreSee Less

When you just wanna make beats, but your dad is that guy from Isla Instruments.

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"Set the filter roit! Here you go!"

Ray Dius

2 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

Well, I don't know what to say. We were supposed to be unloading tuesday (not monday because it was labour day) We cleared customs last thursday, but for whatever reason we still haven't made it the final 40 miles to our lockup. All I can say right now is any day now. Sorry guys. <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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You will appreciate this beast, I guarantee it! As a gift ? you have this guy who is very passionate about these babies. We wish you patience and look forward to seeing you in "Soul Train Isla voyage" friends!

Thanks for the update Brad

Throw an extra pack of Rollies with my unit and I’ll forgive ya 😂😂

In my job I’m currently working parts shortages non-stop because of the global electronics components shortages. Some parts are out to a year or more. If you have stuff that made it through customs you’re doing very well. Next shortage to deal with is employee shortage.


Rolling papers not a bad idea. At least hook me up with the link to buy them if you wont throw a pack in #224333 😉

Free Isla Caps in the package for all the Machine+Case loooong waiting shipping!

Thanks for the update ISLA Instruments

Put some extra rolling Papers in there no problem 😊 👌

Thanks ISLA Instruments

Throw in a 1/4 oz. of good stuff and some of them papers with my order😂😂😂 I'm only bull shitting....

Thanks for the update brad ISLA Instruments!

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3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

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Awesome! I’m curious, on the programming side, how do you insert the time stretch into the firmware update? Is it coded from scratch or is there a time stretch template already coded that you put in the update? Mickey Delp?

What’s getting time stretched? case_orders.wav? 🙂

Where is the beta…I will definitely put that feature thru the ringer for you.

When will this feature be available ?

Will the user manual be updated ???

Is this cyclical like an akai or???

Definitely good to give ‘er some exercise.

Now you're stretching it... 😅

Can't wait to try that

Hey If I order one today, what's the approximate turn around

Akai style?

You tease

Should loose the g

Oh snap.

Jesus Harold Christ!!!🎄

Best feature after undo .

Oohhh shi*t!

The gift that keeps giving Brad Holland 🎁



Oh you tease x

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3 weeks ago
ISLA Instruments

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Wow! I'm trying that on a vocal sample to give it a cb effect.


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