KordBot Firmware Beta 4.11

KordBot Firmware Beta 4.11

Release Notes:


UPDATE: Foot pedal and foot switch default to OFF. SHIFT+f2 cycles them on. OFF -> SWITCH -> EXPRESSION -> BOTH -> OFF

UPDATE: Quick Channels: Global MIDI channels can be set with SHIFT+f1. This will set all MOD, MEM and NOTE keys to a chosen channel. Caveats: any manually changed channels will be OVERWRITTEN. So if you have the MEM banks on Channel 2 and use the Quick Channels option, the MEM pad channels will be replaced with the global channel you select. Also note: this does not change any encoder, foot switch, expression pedal or touchstrip channels!

BugFix: “Magic” memory chords were not playing correctly in KEY+MOD mode. “Magic” memory chords are achieved when you use ALT+SHIFT+MEMx to save a chord to MEM pads in KEY+MOD or Diatonic mode (instead of the normal way of using SHIFT+MEMx). In Polyphonic mode, you press SHIFT+MEMx to start recording notes as normal, but then must press ALT+MEMx (NO SHIFT) to save it as a “magic” memory chord. (“MEMx” means any of the MEM pads MEM1 through MEM12)

“Magic” Memory chords are a way to save the chord as a template, or ‘chord MODifier’, just like the MOD keys are pre-programmed with. In other words, a normal memory chord records the root note of the chord and all the notes of the chord. A “magic” memory chord does not record the root note: only the notes that make up the chord are saved. When playing back a “magic” memory chord, you MUST press a note key which indicates the actual chord to play. Just as in KEY+MOD mode where you must press a MOD key to select the chord “template” and a note key to play the chord with that note as root, so, too, a “magic” memory chord needs to know what root note to play its chord template with.

Perhaps an easier way to think of it is that you can sort of save a MOD-type key into a MEM pad.

But it goes further than that, since you can also create a polyphonic mode custom chord as a template, in effect, creating your own MOD key chord type (although it’s actually in a MEM pad). Using the “magic” chord method, you play your custom chord from the MEM pad, along with any note key, and it plays the custom chord with that selected root note.

You cannot currently use a “magic” chord with the external MEM pad triggers. Or at least very well. You would have to time it correctly so that you are pressing a note key on the KordBot while any “magic” MEM pads are being triggered.

If you press the “magic” MEM key an there is no sound it’s because there has been no note selected for it to play.

The “magic” MEM pads are “sticky” just like the MOD keys, so when you select a “magic” MEM pad, you can then press a series of note keys and KordBot will stay on that chord type until you hit a ‘regular’ MEM pad, a different “magic” MEM pad or a MOD key.

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