Documentation Downloads
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User Manual 1.0 Beta **LATEST** 09.19.2017

KordBot Firmware Downloads
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KordBot Firmware 4.01 BETA **LATEST** 12.13.2017

Changelog / What’s New:

– User can set LED brightness using touch strip when sitting on main menu screen.
– Key+MOD mode keys fixed so they match the mem and mod keys scheme, where they only responded to new keypresses if the key was to the right of the held key.
– MIDI sync output now intelligently starts and stops. when the user changes an arp setting
(such as arp ON to arp EVEN, the sync stops. when a music key is pressed START is sent automatically. Also the sync can be started and the arp will wait until the next quantization mark before beginning.)
– Pressing the check key and the X key now activates a panic/all notes off function.
– Main screen stays on same icon after menu use instead of resetting to leftmost icon.
– Quantise and division values all numeric
– Holding the “X” key and pressing a MEM pad with a stored chord erases the chord and douses the LED.
– MEM Pads now are completely inactive until a chord is stored. Previously sometimes emitted MIDI note 0 and lit the C1 NOTE key.
– MIDI DIN “soft thru” implemented. All data coming in the MIDI IN DIN is now sent out via the MIDI OUT DIN.
(Note that USB is not fully implemented at this point and will only get note information passed to it. Work will continue on this aspect, but at this point it is possible to, for instance, send BeatStep Pro MIDI DIN data thru the KordBot and have it replicated on the MIDI DIN output.
External Keyboard can also be ‘passed thru’ the MIDI DIN and note info will reach USB.
*ALSO NOTE* In testing I have found that, at least on Win7, the PC drivers seem to want to have me turn on the KordBot after turning on the BeatStep Pro.

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KordBot Firmware 3.08.00 BETA 10.23.2017

Changelog / What’s New:

– Progression Suggestion mode now shows lighted note keys of the scale instead of chord notes. When Progression Suggestion is off, the chord notes light as before.
– Arpeggios are now normalised and do not have extra notes on the root’s octave
– Arpeggio with repeat off no longer returns to the root note at the end of the sequence
– Chord spread values now range from 0(no spread) to 16(max spread) With Arpeggio ON, it indicates the additional number of notes that will play after the base chord has played. With
Arpeggio EVEN, it indicates the total number of notes (plus the 2 minimum notes for an arpeggio)

BugFix related to above. MIDI CC for click functions now active.
BugFix: polyphonic user chord was lighting the MEM LED even if no notes were entered.
BugFix: polyphonic user chord wasn’t responding to octave changes with OCT_UP and OCT_DN and were not reading extended notes on the MOD keys correctly

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KordBot Firmware 3.07.00 BETA 10.19.2017

Changelog / What’s New:

– Note TAB in midi channel select is disabled when Key+MOD mode is selected
– Changed dialog titles from “MIDI Output Routing” to “MIDI Channel Select”
– Added trigger quantize selector
– Implemented trigger quantize for MOD and MEM keys
– MEM lEDs now only light up when something is stored in that MEM pad.
– MOD keys in Key+MOD mode are sticky with default Major chords.
– Diatonic mode now defaults to circle of 5ths Major scales C,G,D,A
– SD Card FORMAT now double checks with the user to make sure they don’t want to lose any data that may exist on the card.
– Progression Suggestion mode now turns all MOD leds on or off to indicate whether it’s on or not.
– MOD LEDS light to indicate last one pressed in Key+MOD and Diatonic modes
– Diatonic strum mode MOD keys can be ‘sticky’ by turning Hold ON and Repeat to LATCH. (This allows continual strumming without having to hold the MOD key down)

BugFix: Poly user chords recording in the wrong octave
BugFix: Chord data in arp LATCH now correctly displays new chords
BugFix: Arp with Repeat off would play single note if Arp note len was < 0. It now completes correctly BugFix: Issue with encoders not linking to functions properly when read from SD Card.

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KordBot Firmware 3.06.00 BETA 09.19.2017

Changelog / What’s New:

– Auto Detect if USB power only is being used.
– Added ability to save chord ‘templates’ which allows playing MEM pads as if they were MOD keys.
– Added ability to create CATEGORY and PROJECT folders to save system for later loading.

Firmware Updater Application
Document Version Date Download
KordBot Updater for OSX v1.1 BETA 09.25.2017

OSX Updater:

The OSX version of the firmware update tools requires some dependencies to be installed (libusb).
Although you may already have these installed, it is highly recommended to let the application do its thing by installing the extra tools as detailed below.

Furthermore, due to Apple’s security settings, if you find it will not let you run the application, go to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > then click the ‘Open Anyway’ button.

1): Download and extract the zip file.
2): While Holding in the pushbutton switch on the underside of the KordBot, connect the USB to your computer. (there will be no signs of life), Run the application.
3): From the Apple Menu ‘Help” bar, select ‘Install Command line tools’.
4): When this process completes, you can continue to browse to the dfu file and then upgrade.

Document Version Date Download
KordBot Updater for WIN v1.0 BETA 09.19.2017

WIN Updater:

1): Download “ from the ISLA website
2): Extract all from the zip file. It will create a folder named DFU_Kordbot
3): Go into the extracted folder DFU_Kordbot and run setup.exe
4): After the installation, a shortcut should appear on the desktop called DFU_KordBot
5): If the shortcut isn’t available, use the Start menu to open All Programs and look for the folder DFU_KordBot
6): Click on the folder and then right-click on the exposed application. Select “Send To” from the menu and select “Desktop (create shortcut)”. A shortcut should then appear on the desktop.

Using Updater:

1): Double-click the shortcut for DFU_Kordbot
2): A window appears with three buttons. Click the left button to open your default browser to the ISLA web page.
3): Locate the version of the firmware you want to download and save it to your computer. Ideally, you will set up a folder for this purpose.
4): Turn the KordBot over and click and hold the reset button as you plug in the USB cable. This sets the KordBot into DFU mode.
5): Click “Load Update” and select the file from the folder in step 3, above. Press the “Open” button to start the process
6): After the update succeeds, the KordBot will automatically boot. You can then press the “Exit” button on the updater.

Document Version Date Download
STM DFU Driver 09.19.2017


When connecting your KordBot in DFU/Upgrade mode, no driver is found, please try to install this driver package. Be sure to install the correct driver for your system. (Intel/AMD/X64 etc)