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Order now for January 2023 Delivery. Due to finally being able to lay our hands on more microprocessor chips, we are delighted to announce another pre-order run of machines.

DECEMBER '22 UPDATE: Units are now on the ocean on their way to us.
The vessel will dock into LAX Dec 29th and continue by rail to us here in Florida. This means that units will begin to ship around the 2nd week of January. Thanks for your patience.

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A legend,

The S2400 is nothing short of a passion project. Along with a small team of talented Software Engineers, CAD Engineers and revered artists, we have developed, what we think is a future classic.

For us, the S2400 is a passion project – to recreate the sound of one of the world’s most iconic sampling drum machines, and bring it up-to-date with modern features. The result is the very best of old school and new school technology coming together.

Brad has been obsessed with drum machines for many years – owning, repairing, restoring, modifying countless makes and models (see his HR-16 mods on youtube).

Staying true to form in both sonic characteristics and design aesthetic were the main drivers in the realisation of this project, while bringing the hardware into the 21st Century and keeping the same ‘instant gratification’ and intuitiveness of its spiritual pre-predecessor at heart.

A machine built for the
now and the future.

S2400 Specifications

Sampler / Audio





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8 × 1/4” Individual audio out jacks (psuedo balanced)
4 × 1/4” External input jacks (with adjustable pre-amp modes)
USB Host port (connect external USB peripherals, MIDI controllers etc). SD Card storage (up to 1TB currently tested)
MIDI In/Out/Thru (Standard 5-pin DIN)

2 × 1/4” Stereo Mix Out jacks (psuedo balanced)

24-Bit 48Khz ‘Hi-Fi’ Sampling/Playback Engine.
12-Bit 26Khz ‘Classic’ Sampling/Playback Engine

On-screen waveform display (slice audio, set loop-points with ease)

Bright 128 × 64 pixel OLED display (viewable from any angle)

Robust ‘Pro AV’ Switches

Simultaneous (Full Duplex) playback and record with 8 channel LiveLooping functionality.

Looper Mode (ala RC505)

8 Velocity Sensitive Pads

4pc metal enclosure

Headphone socket with independent monitoring of any channel

8mm Thick Alu Sides

DSP based LP/HP Filtering per track (more FX planned for future)
8 x 60mm Professional Dual Rail Faders

World Class Advisors

We’re proud to be working with some amazing artists, producers and professionals to make the S2400 the best drum machine it can be.

Ships January 2023


Check In stock (can be backordered)



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