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S2400 User Manual (July 2021)

S2400 User Manual (August 2021)

S2400 MIDI Implementation Chart

S2400 MIDI Implementation Chart

S2400 Firmware Updates

Click the button to be taken to the firmware update page.

KordBot User Manual v1 (PDF)

1st Version of the Official KordBot Manual.

KordBot Firmware Beta v6 - September 2020

Please click the button to redirect to the dedicated forum topic for this firmware update.

Ok, so what’s new?
  • Huge amounts of code re-write, KordBot now happily sits with an idle CPU around 60% of the time.
  • Greatly improved key response.
External MIDI clock sync
Completely re-written, KordBot is now super tight.
You no longer have to ‘Arm’ your first chord.
KordBot will accept external MIDI clock from both USB or MIDI DIN.
Pressing ‘X’ with the arp running (on either internal, or external clock) will stop the arp.
HINT: I like to have quantise set to 8, as it helps you to get the arp running ‘in time’ with your music, as well as just at the correct tempo when you hit the keys.
External MIDI input
You may now trigger the KordBot note keys from an external controller, with velocity.
Works from USB/MIDI DIN
Currently, will ONLY receive external keys on MIDI CH 1
HINT: As memory pad triggers still have their own setup screen (SHIFT + F4) remember to NOT use MIDI channel 1 for these, as they will clash with the note keys.
Update Via SD Card
This will be the method of firmware update moving forward. Which will make the whole updating procedure much simpler for everyone. In the very worst of circumstances (bricked KordBot) you will always be able to fall back on the old method.

OSX Updater Application

The OSX version of the firmware update tools requires some dependencies to be installed (libusb).

Although you may already have these installed, it is highly recommended to let the application do its thing by installing the extra tools as detailed below.

Furthermore, due to Apple’s security settings, if you find it will not let you run the application, go to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > then click the ‘Open Anyway’ button.

  1. Download and extract the zip file.
  2. While Holding in the pushbutton switch on the underside of the KordBot, connect the USB to your computer. (there will be no signs of life), Run the application.
  3. From the Apple Menu ‘Help” bar, select ‘Install Command line tools’.
  4. When this process completes, you can continue to browse to the dfu file and then upgrade.

Windows Updater Application

  1. Download the application
  2. Extract all from the zip file. It will create a folder named DFU_Kordbot
  3. Go into the extracted folder DFU_Kordbot and run setup.exe
  4. After the installation, a shortcut should appear on the desktop called DFU_KordBot
  5. If the shortcut isn’t available, use the Start menu to open All Programs and look for the folder DFU_KordBot
  6. Click on the folder and then right-click on the exposed application. Select “Send To” from the menu and select “Desktop (create shortcut)”. A shortcut should then appear on the desktop.
Using Updater:
  1. Double-click the shortcut for DFU_Kordbot
  2. A window appears with three buttons. Click the left button to open your default browser to the ISLA web page.
  3. Locate the version of the firmware you want to download and save it to your computer. Ideally, you will set up a folder for this purpose.
  4. Turn the KordBot over and click and hold the reset button as you plug in the USB cable. This sets the KordBot into DFU mode.
  5. Click “Load Update” and select the file from the folder in step 3, above. Press the “Open” button to start the process
  6. After the update succeeds, the KordBot will automatically boot. You can then press the “Exit” button on the updater.

Windows DFU Driver

When connecting your KordBot in DFU/Upgrade mode, no driver is found, please try to install this driver package.
Be sure to install the correct driver for your system. (Intel/AMD/X64 etc).

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