Swipe Right (or left).

This multi-touch capacitive touch strip allows you to strum and pick single or multiple notes in chords and can also be assigned to MIDI CC controllers like pitch bend, filter cutoff etc

Memory Banks

12 Large, illuminated memory pads can be used to store any chords you choose for instant playback.
Pads can also be used to tap out drum rhythms.

Push, Turn, Move.

8 rotary encoders with integrated push switches make it easy to get a handle on what you're doing.

Each encoder is assignable to either internal KordBot functions like chord spread, swing etc but can also be assigned to control external devices by sending midi CC messages


An illuminated 2-octave velocity sensitive keyboard allows you to input notes in poly keyboard mode, or in chord modes selects the root note of whatever chord you want to play.
Currently playing chords and arpeggios are also illuminated which is a great visual reference for teaching you how to play the chord yourself

All The Chords...

32 Illuminated chord modifier keys arranged in a 4x8 grid provide instant 'one finger' access to all the chords you will ever need. 
Each chord shape can also contain up to 4 different inversions.

Full Colour LCD.

Nobody likes menu diving, right?
KordBot boasts a full color 2.8" backlit LCD panel.  Giving you instant visual feedback of what's going on.

User Interface
place your mouse cursor over the hotspots for more information.
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